Setup HP Printer Using USB

The HP printer is connected to your Windows PC through a USB wire. Install the full-featured HP driver to get the most out of a USB-connected printer.



Step 1: Getting Ready for HP Printer Setup using a USB Drive



Remove the previously installed printer version from Windows after studying the prerequisites in order to prepare for USB connection setup and driver installation.


1.   Review the following prerequisites and materials before you begin:


●    The printer has been powered up and is ready to go.

●    Make sure your USB cord isn't longer than 3 meters (9 feet 10 inches).

●    A USB port is present on your PC. The printer may not receive enough electricity to work correctly when connected via a USB hub or docking station.

●    In order to remove the printer from the installed device and complete printer setup if the USB connection was connected before HP driver download, follow these instructions. If this is the case, move on to the next step to install the driver.


2.   Your computer's USB cord should be removed. Do not reconnect the cable until directed to do so during the driver installation procedure.


3.   In Windows, type “devices” into the search box and choose the Devices and Printers control panel settings from the results.


4.   Remove the device by right-clicking the icon for your printer model. Delete all icons on the same printer if there are more than one. 123 hp com setup


5.   Proceed to the following step after closing the Devices and Printers window.




Step 2: Set up the connection after installing the driver.



To finish the USB connection, download and install the appropriate printer driver.


1.   123 hp com setup Enter the access code for your printer model, then follow the on-screen instructions to download the driver. The driver-guided installation program HP Easy Start will be downloaded depending on your printer model.


●    Once the driver or HP Easy Start has been downloaded, follow the onscreen instructions to open the download file and begin setup. When you're prompted to choose a kind of connection, go with USB. You do not need to finish the further steps in this section if the setup was successful.

●    Continue with the instructions below to install the driver from the HP website if the download fails or your printer does not display on “”


2.   After entering your printer model, go to “HP Customer Support – Software and Driver Downloads” to access the (HP Customer Support HP driver and software downloads). When requested, I'll double-check that the operating system version is right.


3.   [Begin by identifying your product.] If the page appears, click [printer] and input the printer's model number, then [send] and click.


4.   If you need to alter the operating system, click Change and then Change to pick the version.


5.   Click Download for the entire software package, or Basic Driver for alternative driver options, under the Driver header.


6.   If the installer asks you to choose a printer connection type, choose USB to proceed and finish the installation.


7.   Depending on your printer's capabilities, try printing, scanning, or faxing.





Wireless HP Printer Setup


Learn how to connect a wireless HP printer to your home network.


You may print wirelessly from your computer, smartphone, or tablet by connecting your setup printer to your local Wi-Fi network.


Step 1: Join a Wi-Fi network with your printer.


Connect your printer to the same local wireless network as your computer or mobile device before printing wirelessly.


If you change your Internet service provider, you must complete the same processes. In the event that you need to replace your router and reconnect your printer.


” Please input your printer's WPS PIN. Please proceed with the instructions below if you receive a notice that” is shown, the window [Cancel] and click.


1.   Keep the printer in close proximity to the wireless router.


2.   Turn on the printer and double-check that the ink cartridges are inserted and that the main tray is full with paper.


3.   Connect your printer to your wireless network, whether it's at home or at the office.


Touch Screen Control Panel Printers:


1.   Pick [wireless], [Settings] from the printer's menu, or click Restore Settings from the menu Restore Network Settings and select (or similar option).


2.   Get the SSID (service set identifier) and password for the network. See Finding your wifi password for additional information.


3.   Select [Wireless] from the menu Wireless Setup Wizard, then [Settings] or [Network Settings] from the menu Wireless Setup Wizard, then input your network name and password.


Printers without a control panel with a touch screen:


1.   For 5 seconds or until the light on the printer begins to flicker, press and hold the Wireless button. For Tango printers, press and hold the Wireless and Power buttons on the back of the printer until the blue bar flashes.


2.   Press and hold the Wi-Fi Protected Settings WPS button on your router for 2 minutes, or until the connection procedure starts. When the connection is complete, the printer's flashing lamp will turn off.

Continue with the instructions below if your router does not have a WPS button.


3.   HP Smart –Microsoft Store, 123 hp com setup (Android, iOS) (English). App Store for HP Smart-Mac Install the HP Smart app from the App Store (English).


4.   Set up the printer to connect to a wireless network.

Hold down the Wireless and Cancel buttons on most HP printers without a touch screen until the power and wireless lights flash.


5.   Press and hold the Wireless button until the caution light flashes on HP laser printers without a touch screen. It is possible that the printer will resume.

Before the blue headlight flashes, press and hold the Wireless button on the rear of the printer for 5 seconds.


6.   Follow the steps in the HP Smart app to set up a wireless network and install a printer in under two hours.




Step 2: Connect your computer or mobile device to the printer.



Complete the printer connection by installing the HP Printer Setup By Wireless software or the HP Smart app.


1.   Examine the device that is linked to the wireless network.


2.   Go to and enter your printer's model and serial number.

3.   Install the HP Smart software or driver on your PC or mobile device.


4.   To complete the wireless connection configuration, open this program and follow the recommended installation instructions.


5.   If you see the message "Confirm Printer PIN" when setting up your printer, enter the PIN found on the sticker attached to your printer. If a password is required, enter your PIN number.





How to Setup an HP Printer on a Mac




How to set up an HP printer on a Mac?



HP printer setup for Mac — Apple computers and mobile devices have a built-in printing solution. Most apps with a print capability can be used to print.



Setup and installation instructions for an HP printer



1.   Connect your printer to your network in the first step.


●    To use your printer, you'll need to connect it to your Mac. Set up your printer so that it shares the same wireless network as your Mac.


●    The printer should be turned on and connected to your computer or network, based on your preferences.


●    Wireless connections are possible with printers that include a touchscreen or LCD menu control panel. When you go to setup, Network, or Wireless on the printer, choose the Wireless Setup Wizard option. Then, follow the instructions on the screen to connect the printer. To carry out.

●    To get the printer to connect to the wireless network, all that's needed is the button. Press and hold the wireless button for three seconds to see the wireless light begin to flash. As soon as you hit the WPS button on your router, your printer should automatically start connecting to the network.

●    Connect the USB cord to the USB connection on the back of the printer and an open USB port on your computer.

●    Using a Hardwired (Ethernet) Network Connection: Connect the printer's Ethernet port to your router's or access point's Ethernet port. There should be a green light and an orange blinking activity light on the port.


       2. Open a document or a photo, click [file], [Print], and then click the.


●    If your printer is shown under [Printer] in the drop-down menu, choose it by clicking on it. Try printing by clicking the printer's name. Check that is complete by printing a test page.

●    [Printer] If your printer isn't displayed in the menu, look towards the bottom of the list. If your printer isn't included in any of the listings, move on to the next step.




Step 2: In your printer queue, add the AirPrint printer.



You can be sure you're using AirPrint by adding a printer in System Preferences.


1.   Click System Preferences from the Apple menu, then Print & Scan or Printers & Scanners.


2.   [Printer] Please do one of the following methods to see if your printer's name appears in the list, followed by.


●    Remove your printer from the list and re-add it to make sure it's set up for AirPrint.


➢    Select the printer's name from the drop-down menu.

➢    To delete the printer, press the minus symbol.

➢    To add a printer or scanner, click the plus (+) sign.

➢    To go on to the following stage, tap the printer's name.


●    To go to the following stage, click the + sign, Add Printer or Scanner, and then the name of your printer.


●    If your printer does not display in the Add Printer or Scanner box, see the document's FAQ, address any connectivity difficulties, reconnect your printer, and then continue to the next step.


3.   Check that AirPrint or Secure Mac is selected in the Use or Use for Printing option, then click Add.


4.   Open a document or photo, choose [file], [Print], and then click.




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